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We concentrate purely on producing a very high quality day old broiler chick. All our parent stock are vaccinated before leaving the overseas hatchery. They are then reared with the utmost care. We have two consultant veterinary Officers who each visit twice a month. Our staff are also checked regularly by Government Medical Officers

All our chicks are vaccinated against New Castle Disease and Infectious  Bronchitis   before leaving the hatchery so they are protected for the first 12 days.Our Dr David Mung’ong’o gives training seminars every Wednesdays 11.00am  to 2.00pm at the YMCA Dar. He also holds training seminars in Morororo, Tanga, Arusha,Moshi, and Dodoma whenever requested.

On request personal visits are made to any customer to advise and guide them. There are no charges for these services.Our aim is to do our very best to ensure that our customers make the highest profit.

We are passionate about the standard of our chicks and keeping a good reputation.

If our broiler chicks are reared correctly, eg not overcrowded, correct heat, diet and a good supply of water they will reach 1kg 346 gms live weight at 28 days having consumed 1kg 963gms feed.



Old Parents


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